Monday, March 19

beginner blog :)

It's Monday and the first week day of our spring break! All the things that were on our our to-do list... 

  • go to social security to change my last name
  • stop by the DMV to update both of mine and Derek's license 
  • verizon store
  • drop off last payment to our wedding photographer
did NOT get done! I have a feeling this week is going to go by WAY to fast!

What did get done today?
  • One lazy morning
  • Breakfast for lunch (brunch?) with our cousins
  • looked at car we want to buy (fail)
  • movies and blog stalking (i'm a bit of an addict right now)
  • dinner with my parents
  • game night

We played a game called "what's yours like?"
Derek got it for his birthday last weekend. It was fun and quite amusing. 
Rules: All the players but one get to see a word on a card (something like hairbrush) the player who does not see the card goes around the circle and asks "what is your like?" Each player gives a clue to the guesser (long, hairy, etc). Once the guesser guesses correctly they move on to the next person :) 
easy. fun. I recommend!

Unfortunately not all my days during springbreak will look like this (although I would be perfectly fine if they did). 
What the rest of my spring break will look like...
  • going to classrooms to get observations hours in for classes
  • bringing in the big bucks (babysitting)  ;)
  • track practice
  • marking a ton of stuff off our to-do list
  • reading <3
  • and what i've been waiting for..... for a LONG time...
Hunger Games :)
I am beyond excited for this movie! 
Any others going to see the midnight showing?

Well.. There is my first ever blog :) How did I do? 
Since this is my first blog I have lots to learn... Like how to "link up" or what it even means (ha). 
Any tips for me avid bloggers?

until next time <3


  1. I've never heard of What's your like, but it sounds like fun! I'm always on the lookout for new games :)

    1. It was a fun game for sure :) I just jumped over to your blog and read that you are pregnant?? :) Congratulations! It is not the right time for Derek and I to have babies (we have only been married 2 months. and are in school) But we have already hit one case of baby fever! I am so happy for you and can't wait to follow your baby progress!!

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  3. Thank you so much for stopping bg and your sweet comment! Congrats on being newlywed:) married life is the absolute best! And welcome to the world of blogging, ur first post def shows ur fun personality. Can't wait to find out more about you. Blessings, dear <3

    1. Thanks!! :) i'm really lovin this!

  4. Welcome to blog land! You will find SO much inspiration from all the lovely blogs out there! I know it's awful but I've yet to read the Hunger Games book! Which is odd because I was crazy obsessed with Harry Potter and Twilight! anyways.. have a great weekend! xoxo

  5. Thanks for the follow and welcome to blog land! I'm sure you'll continue to figure things out as you go.

    It's nice to meet you. :)