Tuesday, March 20

Good news Tuesday!

Just a little bit of good news

~My legal last name is officially Rivera!! woohoo~
When I went in to the social security office there was a guy sitting a couple seats down from where I sat. He tossed a ticket over to me and said here is a ticket, I have two. Turns out the ticket was next in line! I waited no more than 5 min and my NEW number was called. And on top of that it was free! #winning 

~There are still 5 days of spring break left :)~
Lots of time to have lots of fun!

~ I get to see my brother tomorrow night <3 ~
He's in an all boy program called Teen Challenge. It is a place for guys to go to get cleaned up and   back on track with God (Micah wasn't into any drugs or anything just hung out with the wrong friends and could have easily gone down that track). We get to see him on Wednesdays for church and sunday for lunch :) I will write more on this later but for now he could use all the prayers he can get!

~Hunger Games count down: 2 days!~

~I ran 20 minutes today and my foot didn't hurt at all (although I did feel super out of shape!)
Just two weeks ago the trainers thought I had a stress fracture!

ok ok Here is juicy

This weeks epiphany 
Last week something so special happened... Derek totally made a HUGE step to becoming closer to God. We are both christians and go to church every sundays but we are both guilty of falling into our most prized worldly loves (Not necessarily "bad" sins, just ones that shouldn't come before our time with Jesus). Anyhoo Last sunday evening a couple friends got together and we prayed for Derek to receive the Holy Spirit. Such a precious and intimate thing! I couldn't have been happier. 

Next thing you know we are fighting. I'm nit-picking and he is instigating problems! We couldn't get along to save a life! We didn't understand why this was happening but it wouldn't go away. We would resolve the problem, say we're sorry and 10 minutes later we're arguing about something else. Neither of us could stand it but neither of us could seem to stop it either. 

And then it hit me like a slap in the face! The enemy (dirty satan) was coming against us and he was coming FULL FORCE! Ugh that guy makes me sick. I was so upset and couldn't believe that I didn't see it sooner. Satan HATES nothing more than two souls joining together before God and serving Him fully. Here's the confession: Derek and I hadn't read our Bibles together in a couple months (sadly we were totally living a lukewarm lifestyle). So Satan is saying "I don't need to bother them, they aren't doing a thing to further the kingdom of God." and then the day after we read and pray together he attacks! 

Derek bought a marriage devotional on his phone and we read and prayed tonight :) Take that satan! We focused on Ephesians 5:21-33. Submission to one another. Me submitting to Derek. Derek loving me like Christ loves the church. 
This part was the most profound for me. We were reading verse by verse and I said "do you love me like Christ loves the church?" WOAH! That is intense. Of course no man can love his wife to that amount but to strive for that is what counts. I mean Christ loved the church so much he DIED for it... I can't fathom the love, I just know it is for me :) (and you!). 

Now that Derek and I see the root of where our problems come from we can cut right to it and dig it out, praise Jesus!
Do you guys know of any great devotionals? (men, women or married:) We would love it if you say a prayer or two for us. 
If any of you need prayers you can comment or email and i'll add it to my prayer list!


Monday, March 19

beginner blog :)

It's Monday and the first week day of our spring break! All the things that were on our our to-do list... 

  • go to social security to change my last name
  • stop by the DMV to update both of mine and Derek's license 
  • verizon store
  • drop off last payment to our wedding photographer
did NOT get done! I have a feeling this week is going to go by WAY to fast!

What did get done today?
  • One lazy morning
  • Breakfast for lunch (brunch?) with our cousins
  • looked at car we want to buy (fail)
  • movies and blog stalking (i'm a bit of an addict right now)
  • dinner with my parents
  • game night

We played a game called "what's yours like?"
Derek got it for his birthday last weekend. It was fun and quite amusing. 
Rules: All the players but one get to see a word on a card (something like hairbrush) the player who does not see the card goes around the circle and asks "what is your like?" Each player gives a clue to the guesser (long, hairy, etc). Once the guesser guesses correctly they move on to the next person :) 
easy. fun. I recommend!

Unfortunately not all my days during springbreak will look like this (although I would be perfectly fine if they did). 
What the rest of my spring break will look like...
  • going to classrooms to get observations hours in for classes
  • bringing in the big bucks (babysitting)  ;)
  • track practice
  • marking a ton of stuff off our to-do list
  • reading <3
  • and what i've been waiting for..... for a LONG time...
Hunger Games :)
I am beyond excited for this movie! 
Any others going to see the midnight showing?

Well.. There is my first ever blog :) How did I do? 
Since this is my first blog I have lots to learn... Like how to "link up" or what it even means (ha). 
Any tips for me avid bloggers?

until next time <3